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General Notes

France has been in an overall state of stagnation for some time seen by most as nothing ever changes around here. Nobles always fighting and taking what they want, raiders from the north and south. Friendly priests and monks. Hard life that doesn’t change.

Current Capetian King of France: Phillip I since 1060, Henry I previous King.

Languages: French is currently divided into two dialects. North of the Loire River(Paris people ect): d’Oil (historically evolves into French). For south of the Loire River d’Oc
*Both languages will be found but the d’Oil dialect is prominent.

Architecture of the time is Gothic and has been for some time.

The current christian church via monastic orders has been making significant impacts by taking responsibility of order and justice for the realm. Warfare and fighting has been outlawed to occur on certain days, predominately to stop large scale warfare and infighting, Holy days and such. Promotion of Gods Peace and other benevolent ideas prevalent. Christianity in France at this time has a heavy dose of pagan and often thin veil.

Kindred notes

The Carthian and Ordo Dracul covenants do not exist in this era.

Existing Covenants of the time.

The Children’s Crusade: A New Covenant that seems to be growing and or everywhere one turns. Child kindred that work to help and integrate other children kindred through their requiems.

The Gallows Post
A loose group of Kindred who arranged safe passage for other Kindred, and maintain safe-havens where vampires can spend the day,

The Legion of the Dead
The Legion of the Dead originated in the Camarilla, the members of its military wing who decided to stay independent after the Camarilla’s collapse, rather than join another covenant. They were a mercenary band right from their independence, and by the 9th century CE, their creed was nothing more than “profit or die”.

The Tenth Choir
The Tenth Choir were a rumor even among the dead, a group said to believe that since their condition was a curse from God, they must therefore take revenge on Him. To that end, they were said to have created blood magic that let them deal with angels and demons alike. In general the covenant is treated like cautionary tales or boogeymen stories rather than a reality as evidence of them is always suspect if not non existent.

Main Page

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