Ettienne Maurande

Ventrue Invictus - Political Adept


Player : Guild
Mask : Guru
Dirge : Authoritarian

Intelligence : *
Wits : *
Resolve : *

Strength : *
Dexterity : *

Stamina : **

Presence : *
Manipulation : *

Composure : **

FolkLore : *
Investigation : *

Politics : (Scandal) *

Ride : *
Stealth : **
Weaponry : *

Empathy : *
Expression : *
Intimidation : *
Persuasion : *
Etiquette : (courtly) *
Subterfuge : (misdirection) *

Dominate *

Merits :
Safe Place : *
Haven : *
Herd : *
Contacts : *
Status (paris) : *
Status (invictus) : *
Resources : *
Oath of Fealty : *
Etiquette : *

Aspirations : Please the Master, I Need More Control, Torture the scions of House Maurande
Banes : The Aloof Curse

Health : *******
Willpower : *
Blood Potency : *


Humanity : *******
Size : 5
Speed : 9
Defense : 2
Armor :
Initiative Mod.: 4
Beats :
Experience :

Etienne was the third son of the Baron Maurande and was summarily packed off to a monastery to be taught the ways of the church. A beautiful but easy-going young boy with an aptitude for reading, script and sums and the organization of people assets, it was not long before Ettienne was “acquired” by the Archbishop’s entourage. Weilding the Archbishop’s influence like a soldier wielding an epee, Ettienne carved a veritable kingdom from the court of the Archbishop. He served until the age of fifty. Then the Archbishop’s passed away. Etienne had contingencies in place, but somehow, they all fell apart as though someone knew all of his secrets and countered them with masterful efficiency. Within days Ettienne begging from old friends and allies for mere food and being turned away by most. And so Ettienne’s true Master arrived! His Sire released how he had summarily destroyed Ettienne’s plans…even including the killing of the Archbishop! (He didn’t die the peace of old age?!?!) The Master needed a capable child to handle his affairs, so he had chosen Ettienne. Ettienne’s Sire is a great man (Ventrue) in the Region. Many great lords approach him for money and land, but his Sire is mostly well known as the greatest breeder of horse-flesh (and that of mortal herds among Kindred circles). Recently the Master has eschewed, Ettienne to forge Allies to carry him through the centuries ahead. The first, and fellow Invictus is the Shield-Maiden Gitte, a great warrior and body-guard. During his tasks as the Sire’s Seneschal, Gitte was invited to aid in the “Impressioning” to get people to decide sensibly about their futures. The second is the great with : <enter name="true">

Ettienne Maurande

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